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Lies and Lying Liars

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The title of this page comes from the Senator Al Franken book, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right. We don't have room for all of the Republican lies since Richard Nixon said, "I am not a crook," but here are some of the best. One problem that we always have with most Republicans is determining whether they are stupid enough or crazy enough to believe what they are saying, or smart enough to know that they are lying, and just dishonest.

Fundamentally there are only a few big lies here. Everything else follows from just these.

See also Code Words for speech that means something other than what it says, MemeTank for framing phrases, and The Truth!! for Republicans actually saying something true.



Health Care

Denial of Global Warming

Prominent Global Warming deniers in US politics, including Right-wing groupthink tanks, include

Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage has its own page.

If Question 1 fails, 'homosexual marriage' will be taught to children in our classrooms!!!—Yes on 1 campaign ads (...everything to do with schools, and ...keep homosexual marriage from being pushed on Maine students!) for repealing gay marriage in Maine. Refuted by Maine Attorney General, 2009-10-16. Thanks to Daily Kos.

Never Executed an Innocent Person

Gov. Rick Perry: Cameron Todd Willingham "Was A Monster" Gov. Rick Perry: Cameron Todd Willingham "Was A Monster" The Huffington Post | Lila Shapiro First Posted: 10-14-09 07:39 PM

Texas Governor Rick Perry insisted again on Wednesday that the execution of Cameron Todd Willingham was appropriate and that Texas did not, contrary to growing opinion, execute an innocent man.

Trial by Fire Did Texas execute an innocent man? by David Grann

In 2000, while George W. Bush was governor of Texas, he said, “I know there are some in the country who don’t care for the death penalty, but . . . we’ve adequately answered innocence or guilt.” His top policy adviser on issues of criminal justice emphasized that there is “super due process to make sure that no innocent defendants are executed.”

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, in 2006, voted with a majority to uphold the death penalty in a Kansas case. In his opinion, Scalia declared that, in the modern judicial system, there has not been “a single case—not one—in which it is clear that a person was executed for a crime he did not commit. If such an event had occurred in recent years, we would not have to hunt for it; the innocent’s name would be shouted from the rooftops.”

Since 1976, more than a hundred and thirty people on death row have been exonerated.

In a scathing report, [noted fire scientist Craig Beyler] concluded that investigators in the Willingham case had no scientific basis for claiming that the fire was arson, ignored evidence that contradicted their theory, had no comprehension of flashover and fire dynamics, relied on discredited folklore, and failed to eliminate potential accidental or alternative causes of the fire. He said that Vasquez’s approach seemed to deny “rational reasoning” and was more “characteristic of mystics or psychics.”

There is a chance, however, that Texas could become the first state to acknowledge officially that, since the advent of the modern judicial system, it had carried out the “execution of a legally and factually innocent person.”

We're Not Racists

No, we're still the party of Lincoln. We're for States' Rights on principle! We oppose Obama on principle! Those posters were just jokes!

Rich vs. Poor

"Despite the stereotype that we are the party of the rich, the vast majority of our donations are from small donations; as opposed to the Democratic National Committee that gets its donations from big labor and the Hollywood elites."— Webmaster,2009-10-13


Rep. Roy Blunt R-MO, Orly Taitz, Lou Dobbs, Camille Paglia, Alan Keyes, Constitution Party, WorldNetDaily, talk radio hosts Michael Savage, Brian Sussman, Lars Larson, Bob Grant, Jim Quinn, Rose Tennent, Barbara Simpson, and Mark Davis

There are also some on the Right who denounce the Birthers or their theories as "crazy", including Sen. Lindsey Graham R-SC, former Republican Rep. Joe Scarborough, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and Michael Medved.


Nullification of Federal laws—Gov. Tim Pawlenty; Gov. Rick Perry


Texas Gov. Rick Perry

Refusing Federal Money

And then taking credit for getting it, while asking for more, but refusing to vote for it. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, Congressional Republicans in general


Obama school speech

It's political indoctrination, unlike when Bush and Reagan did it.—Glenn Beck, Andrea Tantaros, Michelle Malkin, Monica Crowley, Tim Pawlenty


"We've got to get corruption out of any organization that's taking taxpayers' money."—Sen. Richard Shelby R-AL on supporting defunding of ACORN. He voted against Sen. Al Franken's amendment against the military contracting with KBR for not allowing a gang-raped employee to sue. Similarly for 29 other Republican Senators, most notably Mike Johanns R-NE, Sen. Kit Bond R-MO, Sen. Jeff Sessions R-AL, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. Richard Shelby R-AL.

Healthy Forests Initiative

George W. Bush

Clear Skies Initiative

George W. Bush

Enhanced interrogation is not torture.

Vice Pres. Dick Cheney, John Yoo, Secy. of State Condoleezza Rice

Support the troops

George W. Bush


Ronald Reagan

The Ownership Society

George W. Bush

Compassionate Conservatism

George H. W. Bush

The Education/Environmental President

George H. W. Bush

The Magic of the Market

Milton Friedman

Family Values

Numerous organizations

Culture of Life

Pres. George W. Bush

Creationism/"Intelligent Design"

Ann Coulter; Sen. Sam Brownback; Gov. Mike Huckabee; Rep. Tom Tancredo; Sen. Bill Frist; Rep. John Shimkus; Rep. Tom DeLay

Fake Lies

Best in the business—the comedy/satire business, that is. The weird thing is that Colbert is so good at it that some Righties believe that Colbert is one of them.

Lying Liars



Here is what you do. Go to Google News on any day, and put in any of these names. For some of them, you can get another lie every day. I would say that you can't make this stuff up, but clearly somebody does. A lot of them, actually.

Rep. Michelle Bachmann R-MN
Healthcare rationing for seniors; Death panels; No global warming
Fox Talking head Glenn Beck
Called Obama a racist
Astroturfer Richard Berman
AKA Dr. Evil, lobbyist and smear consultant, source of,, and other sites through more than a dozen interlocking "non-profits". Featured on 60 Minutes, The Colbert Report, The Rachel Maddow Show.
House Minority Leader John Boehner R-OH
Health plan to pay for abortions
Former singer Pat Boone
Administration officials are "proud, boastful Marxists."
Racist Pat Buchanan
Hitler didn't intend to conquer Europe; Affirmative Action a plot against Whites, who were solely responsible for the growth of the US.
Former President George W. Bush
WMD; Iraq tried to buy uranium ore from Niger (2002); Mission Accomplished (2003); Al-Qaeda in Iraq before invasion
House Minority Whip Eric Cantor R-VA
"Republicans want to be productive on healthcare."
Former VP Dick Cheney
Not subject to rules on Administration because he's in the Senate; not subject to Senate rules because he's in the Administration; Torture saved American lives; Iraq, WMD, Al Qaeda
Sen. Tom Coburn R-OK
Gays are taking over
Black "Conservative" Ward Connerly
Affirmative action discriminates against Whites
Indescribable Ann Coulter
"I'm a Christian first, and a mean-spirited, bigoted conservative second, and don't you ever forget it."--If Democrats had Any Brains, They'd be Republicans; Creationist
Former House Majority Leader Tom Delay R-TX
CNN talking head Lou Dobbs
Birther, immigrant-basher
Former Sen. Elizabeth Dole
R-NC Called former Sunday-school teacher Kay Hagan D-NC "Godless" in a campaign ad.
Sen. Mike Enzi R-WY
Pretending to negotiate a compromise Health Care bill; Democrats will "increase the deficit, raid Medicare, and limit or deny care to people based on age or disabilities, among other charges."
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Deather; "Community organizer. What's that?" "Zero, Zero," the audience replied.
Former Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales
Flip-flops on torture; "Can't remember" much about firing attorneys
Sen. Chuck Grassley R-IA
Deather pretending to negotiate a compromise bill
Sen. James Inhofe R-OK
Climate Change is a hoax
Sen. Mike Johanns R-NE
Amendment to cut off funding to ACORN (Passed Senate 83-7)
Neo-Conservative Bill Kristol
We must invade Iraq and bomb Iran; We must kill Health Care again
Sen. Jon Kyl R-AZ
Democrats proposing massive cuts to Medicare, nothing for malpractice
Talking head Rush Limbaugh
Consultant Frank Luntz
The master creator of Code Words
Columnist Michelle Malkin
Birther; Deather; no Global Warming
Sen. John McCain R-AZ
Obama isn't experienced enough, but Palin is. Told Dave Letterman he couldn't do his show because he had to rush back to DC, but instead went on a different show. ACORN smear.
Former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey R-NY
Deather, helped kill Clinton Health Care bill
Actor Chuck Norris
Talking head Bill O'Reilly
Former Gov. Sarah Palin R-AK
"Thanks, but no, thanks," for Bridge to Nowhere, Deather
Gov. Tim Pawlenty R-MN
Deather; Tenther; Appeasement
Former President Ronald Reagan
The Great Prevaricator, the master of racist code; "Socialized Medicine"; "Government is the problem."; Voodoo Reaganomics: Trickle-down economics; "Deficits don't matter."
Christian Right leader Pat Robertson
"The noose has tightened around the necks of Christians to keep them from speaking out on certain moral issues. And it all was embodied in something called the Hate Crimes bill..."
Turd-Blossom Karl Rove
Bush's Brain: I don't have to testify (about political firings of US attorneys).
Phyllis Schlafly
"I submit to you that the feminist movement is the most dangerous, destructive force in our society today....My analysis is that the gays are about 5% of the attack on marriage in this country, and the feminists are about 95%."
Mike Schwartz, Chief of Staff to Sen. Tom Coburn R-OK
"Homosexuality is inflicted on people." Values Voter Summit, Sept. 2009; "All pornography is homosexual pornography, because all pornography turns your sexual drive inwards...If you tell an 11-year-old boy about that, do you think he's going to want to go out and get a copy of Playboy? I'm pretty sure he'll lose interest. That's the last thing he wants." Values Voter Summit New Masculinity session, Sept. 2009
Sen. Jeff Sessions R-AL
That's the scion of Unreconstructed Southern Aristocracy, the Junior Senator from Alabama, Jefferson (Davis) (General Pierre Gustave Toutant) Beauregard Sessions III
Black Market Fundamentalist Thomas Sowell
Economic fairy stories
RNC Chair Michael Steele
"I'm not scaring anybody on Health Care. Nobody in Congress is scaring anybody."
Fox talking head Chris Wallace
Defends torture
Former Justice Department lawyer John Yoo
Torture isn't torture.
Your Nomination Here




Probably not liars

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worse than South African apartheid, and denounced racism against President Obama in Sept. 2009.

Radio and TV


Other reporters and interviewers have been gradually asking tougher questions, pointing out contradictions, and even calling out lies explicitly ever since the 2006 elections. It's glacially slow, but, hey, the glaciers are speeding up with Global Warming!

And now even some Republicans are calling out some of the liars. Sen. Lindsey Graham, MSNBC host and former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough, Conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks, Former Bush and McCain adviser Mark McKinnon, former Bush speechwriter Peter Wehner, Charles Johnson of the popular conservative blog Little Green Footballs...

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