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Sam Brownback

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Sam Brownback is a Republican U.S. Senator from Kansas.

Brownback presents himself as a consistent Christian conservative. "I am pro-life and whole life," he claims by way of explaining his opposition to abortion domestically and apparent support for the U.S. as world policeman to stop the Darfur genocide.



Brownback holds a degree in Agricultural Economics from Kansas State University and a law degree from the University of Kansas. His first elected public office was Secretary of Agriculture for the state of Kansas. He was elected to the House Of Representatives in 1994 and then elected to the Senate in 1996 to finsh Bob Dole's term. In 1998 he was re-elected to a full six year term, and again re-elected in 2004. Raised a Methodist, Brownback converted to Roman Catholicism in 2002 under the influence of then and now former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.

Brownback's work to bring genocide in Darfur to the world's attention marks him as more than just another cranky theocon--he has worked to create a record of bipartisan collaboration on that issue, which might blind moderates to his more draconian views on civil rights, welfare, free speech, and Islam.

Brownback does not have any military service - he had not turned 18 when the draft ended in 1973. [1]

2008 Presidential Campaign

From January 20, 2006 to October 19, 2007 Brownback was a candidate for the 2008 Republican nomination for President. He piggybacked his announcement to run for president on that of the better known Democratic Senator from New York Hillary Rodham Clinton in an attempt to win additional news media attention. Brownback's party primary election niche was that of a non-Mormon Christian conservative who appeared to timidly oppose the War in Iraq—a pusillanimous position to take on the most important issue of the day, to be sure, but it reflected the sentiment of a significant segment of the Republican primary electorate. They knew something was very wrong with the War in Iraq and wanted to get the U.S. miltiary out of the quagmire without having to acknowledge responsibility for having supported the war in the first place.


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