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Energize America

From dKosopedia

Energize America -- Achieving U.S. Energy Security by 2020

Energize America is a plan proposed by Daily Kos activists Jérôme Guillet (Jerome a Paris), George Karayannis (Doolittle Sothere), Timothy Lange (Meteor Blades) and Mark Sumner (devilstower), with the assistance of many others.

The plan has developed a collection of specific legislative proposals for the 2007 calendar which are being developed through diaries on DailyKos and submitted to congress - progress reports are available on the website. The following proposals have been submitted at the time of this writing:

  1. Neighborhood Power Act
  2. Community Emergency Power Act
  3. BioFertilizer Production Act
  4. Micro Power Producers Act

and the following additional proposals are in progress:

  1. High Speed Rail - wiki development of this act continues under Energize America Passenger Rail, Energize America Urban Rail and Energize America Transit Oriented Development
  2. Home Efficiency
  3. HUD - Home energy audits/energy mortgages
  4. Farm bill - renewable power production

The 2006 version of the plan is available here.

The 2006 plan proposed 20 bills covering the full range of energy issues:

  1. The Passenger Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Act
  2. The Transportation Industry Efficiency Act
  3. The Fleets Conversion Act
  4. The Community-Based Energy Investment Act
  5. The Passenger Rail Restoration Act
  6. The Clean Coal Generation Act
  7. The Wind Energy Production Tax Credit Act
  8. The 20 Million Solar Roof Act
  9. The Renewable Portfolio Standards Act
  10. The Federal Net Metering Act
  11. The State-Based Renewable Energy Investment Act
  12. The New Energy Technology Demonstration Act
  13. The Sustainable Energy Economic Prosperity Act
  14. The Carbon Reduction Act
  15. The Federal Energy Policy Enforcement Act
  16. The National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act
  17. The Home Efficiency Act
  18. The Demand Side Management Act
  19. The Telecommuter Assistance Act
  20. The Energy Security Funding Act

Energize America Assumptions - assumptions and sources for these proposals.

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This page was last modified 18:45, 12 April 2007 by Arthur Smith. Based on work by Chad Lupkes and dKosopedia user(s) Abou Ben Adhem. Content is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

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