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Scientists Against Bush

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In response to George W. Bush's rejection of scientific research and principles in crafting policy across a wide spectrum of subjects, from global warming to stem cell research, many scientists have publicly expressed their opposition to a second Bush term.

Union of Concerned Scientists (5,000+ signatories)
Scientists and Engineers for Change -- the following 48 Nobel Laureates have endorsed John Kerry:
Peter Agre Chemistry 2003
David H. Hubel Medicine 1981
Sidney Altman Chemistry 1989
Louis Ignarro Medicine 1998
Philip W. Anderson Physics 1977
Eric R. Kandel Medicine 2000
David Baltimore Medicine 1975
Walter Kohn Chemistry 1998
Baruj Benacerraf Medicine 1980
Arthur Kornberg Medicine 1959
Paul Berg Chemistry 1980
Leon M. Lederman Physics 1988
Hans A. Bethe Physics 1967
Tsung-Dao Lee Physics 1957
Michael Bishop Medicine 1989
David M. Lee Physics 1996
Gunter Blobel Medicine 1999
William N. Lipscomb Chemistry 1976
N. Bloembergen Physics 1981
Roderick MacKinnon Chemistry 2003
James W. Cronin Physics 1980
Mario J. Molina Chemistry 1995
Johann Diesenhofer Chemistry 1988
Joseph E. Murray Medicine 1990
John B. Fenn Chemistry 2002
Douglas D. Osheroff Physics 1996
Val Fitch Physics 1980
George Palade Medicine 1974
Jerome I. Friedman Physics 1990
Arno Penzias Physics 1978
Walter Gilbert Chemistry 1980
Martin L. Perl Physics 1995
Alfred G. Gilman Medicine 1994
Norman F. Ramsey Physics 1989
Donald A. Glaser Physics 1960
Burton Richter Physics 1976
Sheldon L. Glashow Physics 1979
Joseph H. Taylor Jr. Physics 1993
Joseph Goldstein Medicine 1985
E. Donnall Thomas Medicine 1990
Roger Guillemin Medicine 1977
Charles H. Townes Physics 1964
Dudley Herschbach Chemistry 1986
Harold Varmus Medicine 1989
Roald Hoffmann Chemistry 1981
Eric Wieschaus Medicine 1995
H. Robert Horvitz Medicine 2002
Robert W. Wilson Physics 1978

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