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Richard Viguerie

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Richard Viguerie has been dubbed the "funding father" of modern conservative strategy, having pioneered important tactics in computerized direct mail strategy in the 1970s and 1980s. He is considered the direct mail titan of the right.

Viguerie worked for the disgraced evangelist Billy James Hargis early in his career. In an autobiographical note, Viguerie wrote that in 1961 he became executive secretary of the conservative youth group, Young Americans for Freedom. "Since 1965, owner of direct marketing/advertising companies such as American Target Advertising. Political/campaign strategist, activist and conservative spokesman and writer," he wrote. [1] "Pioneered political use of computerized direct mail. That technology was the Internet of its day: it enabled conservatives to get around liberals' dominance of the mass media; it allowed thousands of conservative candidates, organizations and causes to get their messages to grassroots Americans," he wrote.

Viguerie founded Conservative Digest magazine in 1975 and served as its publisher for ten years. In the 1980s he was saved from debt by a generous grant from Sun Myung Moon, who had also raised money for Viguerie in the name of Korean orphans -- who received only 6% of the money, the lion's share of which went to the conservative strategist. Viguerie sought the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor of Virginia in 1985, but did not receive the nomination at the GOP state convention.

Asked by Campaigns and Elections in May 2000 what his immediate goals were Viguerie answered "To use the Internet to involve Americans in the political process, to help conservatives gain an advantage over the left. To fight against government's use of power, to fight for individual rights and responsibilities, and to fight to extend the blessings of liberty throughout the world." [2]

Writing in The Nation, David Corn noted that Viguerie "raised money for Judicial Watch" and is associated with Larry Klayman, conservative lawyer and activist and Republican candidate for the US Senate from Florida in 2004.

Viguerie has long been associated with conservative activist Howard Phillips.


Viguerie Predicts The Republicans will lose Congress in 2006

"There is a growing feeling among conservatives that the only way to cure the problem is for Republicans to lose the Congressional elections this fall," said Viguerie.[3] [4]

He is the author, with David Franke, of America's Right Turn: How Conservatives Used New and Alternative Media to Take Power; as well as The New Right: We're Ready to Lead.


2006 "There is a growing feeling among conservatives that the only way to cure the problem is for Republicans to lose the Congressional elections this fall,"

Mr. Viguerie cited dissatisfaction with government spending, the war in Iraq and the immigration-policy.

"I can't tell you how much anger there is at the Republican leadership," Mr. Viguerie said. "I have never seen anything like it." [5]

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