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Page name prefix

From dKosopedia

A page name prefix is any string consistently appearing as the first characters in a page name.

For instance, "list of" or the name of any state, e.g. "Hawaii" or "Iowa".

A very few such prefixes imply a different point of view. These should become namespaces. While we all like to avoid new namespaces, it's required when:

a set of pages may be temporary and deleted all at once OR
the purpose or perspective of the pages differs markedly from those in the rest of the wiki
the point of view in the writing of the pages is not the standard third person of a wiki

For instance, user:namespace is required so that each user can write from their own point of view, and the reason we use a tag:namespace rather than the prefix Tags- is because tag editors are doing something very specific and different at dKosopedia than all the other users.

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