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Hurricane Katrina aftermath

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The category 5 hurricane Katrina hit Florida and the Gulf Coast in August 2005, causing total devastation of New Orleans and surrounding areas. Also see Hurricane Katrina commentary.

From Missing Katrina children: Coronji Calhoun of "Monster's Ball" fame

Do you remember the film, Monster's Ball? You know, the film that won Halle Berry (as Leticia Musgrove) the Academy Award in 2002? Do you remember the ten-year-old boy who played Tyrell Musgrove, Leticia Musgrove's chocolate-obsessed son? You know, this little boy next to Halle Berry? Well, he's about 13 years old now. He lived in or near New Orleans. And he may not be alive.

From Evacuees want to return to N.O., but housing is still at a premium

"There's a lot more subsidence (sinking) than people ever thought. People don't realize that the subsidence is continuing to happen, it's not stopping," [Roy] Dokka [of the Louisiana Spatial Reference Center at Louisiana State University] said, noting that the issue affects planning for new levees as well as homes. "Over in east New Orleans, the 9th Ward, places like that, those places have sunk substantially over the last several years. Some of those places may be 1 to 2 feet lower than (residents) think they are."

From Kiss New Orleans goodbye

We should call it quits not because New Orleans can't be made relatively safe from hurricanes. It can be. And not because to do so is more trouble than it's worth. It's not. Instead, the hammers and brooms and chain saws should all be put away and the city permanently boarded up because the Bush administration has already given New Orleans a quiet kiss of death.

From After the storm, despair is the enemy in New Orleans, citing Katrina's emotional damage lives on

"I've been thinking the last couple days the best thing to do is die." The man, speaking on a dull monotone, was slumped in a chair inside the steamy convention center here, waiting to see a doctor. He didn't want to come to the makeshift hospital, but a friend insisted. "I'd hardly had a drink in years," said the man. "Right after the hurricane hit, I just started drinking. If I stop drinking, the pain becomes so great it's unbearable."

From Bush seeks to segregate Katrina victims from schools, citing Katrina: Another Excuse for Bush’s Failed Ideology

The Wall Street Journal reports that Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings will ask Congress to waive a federal law that bans educational segregation for homeless children. The Bush administration is arguing, along with states like Utah and Texas, that providing schooling for evacuees - who, in this case, are likened to homeless children -- will be disruptive to public school systems, so they want to have sound legal backing for creating separate educational facilities for the 372,000 schoolchildren displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

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