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Antagonistic Atheism

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Most adults can agree that there is a difference between someone who doesn't think that God exists and a person who goes out of there way to ridicule or otherwise attack peoples having faith.

James Webb, the president of the Community of Reason admits "Atheists can act very much like Christian fundamentalists"

In the Past fundies have called these people militant atheists but the term has been so over used that it is now practicaly meaningless.

A new term Antagonistic Atheism was coined in the article. "Overcoming Antagonistic Atheism to Recast the Image of Humanism" by Jeff Nall in the July/August 2006 issue of The Humanist.

Atheists like Nall are beginging to object to these people because:

"In addition to being strategically unpalatable, antagonistically riduculing the beliefs of others is seen by a form of prejudice. ... Jennifer Hancock, Executive director for the Humanists of Floriday Association says, 'Ridicule is offensive. It is a form of religiuos bigotry. When I hear someone say Catholics are stupid, they are talking about people I love and care about, who are definitely not stupid. ... "[1]

There is growing suspicion that organized groups of Antagonistic Atheists are being funded by Ultra Conservative groups since more often than not the former does damage to liberal Christianity but little to conservative Christianity.

In 2008 there were at least two cases of atheists going on shooting rampages at Church.(reference needed) Though in all fairness this is as much a problem of Gun control as it is antagonistic atheism.

To put matters in perspective, oppression, persecution and discrimination by religious groups is a real problem, and despite its alliterative charm 'antagonistic atheism' seems like a tag invented by those proponents of religion who cannot tackle atheistic arguments head on.

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