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The goal of this project is to produce a series of FAQs on topics that receive a lot of attention on Daily Kos. The idea is to capture the collective wisdom and most relevant facts in current discussions, so that these ideas don't get lost to the archives.

The rules are this:

  • Only questions that are frequently asked belong here, either by the mainstream media, or in comments on Daily Kos
  • Answers should be 100% supported by recommended diaries. This isn't the place to promote ideas that you think everyone else should be on board with.
  • Don't cover topics that don't get covered on Daily Kos. Once again, this isn't about promoting ideas you think are important, this is for documenting the ideas that the community has already shown interest in.
  • Make sure all answers have pointers to recommended diaries.
    • Recommended, rescued, and front page diaries are in bold
    • External references and other diaries are not in bold.

Current topical FAQs:

Proposed FAQs

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