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Every dKosopedia page name issue needs to be documented in one place to identify similar controversies. Do that on this page. Should this just be dKosopedia:rename ?

Eventually a list of dKosopedia:naming rules will be developed. In the meantime Wikipedia's are useful to read as they apply to the whole GFDL corpus extending it. So are those of which are more focused on action and political projects like this one.


unhelpful names

Unhelpful name:

  • Useful Information. The page creator probably didn't realize that this link would be unhelpful on pages other than the original, where the context was probably clear.

A similarly unhelpful name:

  • Other_Voting_Rights_Organizations The other links indicate "national advocacy", "regional and state advocacy", etc., so "other" was intended to mean "miscellaneous".


internal identity and process issues

See Talk:Main Page for issues regarding ThinkTanks and presentation of the material to newbies to set good habits, neither of which are strictly page name issues. This page deals only with things where the issue is mostly name.

Stuff like Frameshop: PRAs (Personal Retirement Accounts is just wrong. Try reframe:retirement and deal with the specifics under term:PRA and so on.

  • Talking_Hawaii_politics,_news,_other_links is a very bad name, this "talking..." prefix is not used in any other page name, and it seems very wrong since everyone knows "talk:" as a prefix imposed by mediawiki. Keep it in present tense, maybe make it "Discuss Hawaii" and leave it at that? Needs more thought. Also the article itself is riddled with toxic overuse of uppercase which will lead to more name pollution. Keep the Hawaii names perfect please!
    • In a perfect english speaking world, there would be one understandable english language. However, one can't escape pidgin english in Hawaii, where many cultures crashed into each other, and tried to understand one another. "Talking politics" is derived from "talk story" (google 'talk story' or 'talking story'). To those who live in Hawaii, talking Hawaii politics would equate with 'dicussing Hawaiian politics'. The topic title is too localized, when dealing with a wider audience, clarity is key and grammar important.

other naming issues that may create bad conventions

Planning,_Maui_County is another weak prefix: "Planning,_" ? Hmm... Maui County plan or Maui County planning would be better I think.

  • Flash_Carbonization™ is using the trademark character as page name suffix, a very questionable practice. Microsoft thinks it owns "Windows", etc., and trademarks are specific to a field. An advantage of doing this is that people won't link to a term that is proprietary, so maybe it's good, but it need to be discussed more.

putting personal essays and rants in main namespace

If you prefer collaboration, maybe we need a rant:namespace, but that would be subjective, so best to put these in position:namespace or claim:namespace and keep them very specific.

invitations to participate