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Zach Wamp is a Republican U.S. Congressman from Tennessee in the state's third district. He was first elected to his seat in 1994, replacing longtime Democratic Congresswoman Marilyn Lloyd who had represented the district for many years and retired from Congress in 1994. Wamp broke his voluntary self-imposed term limits pledge by running for re-election in 2006 and has admitted to using cocaine in the past. In 2006 he defeated the Democratic nominee Brent Benedict and has not faced a well-known challenger since winning the seat in 1994, but this seat should be considered a potential pickup by Democrats with the right candidate given Wamp's record and the district's past history as a Democratic district. Chattanooga and Oak Ridge are the main cities in the district which also extends all the way from the Georgia state line near Chattanooga to the Virginia state line in the northeast part of the state.

Wamp's Congressional homepage

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