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We went nuts taking photos at YearlyKos 2006 in Las Vegas and posting them to various places on the web. Let's use this page to provide an index to all of those photos.

(See also: YearlyKos_2007_Photos.)


Some rules

This page is for pictures. There's a YearlyKos 2006 Videos page for videos.

Don't put your pictures on this page. This page is for links to pictures, not for the pictures themselves.

Help people who want to post to this page. There's a dKos diary about this page where people can post their questions and request help with the whole photo-uploading process. Post there, read there and help out.

Please remember when you're tagging your photos that YearlyKos 2006 is just the beginning. So if you upload your photos somewhere and tag them, don't just tag them as "YearlyKos". Tag them as "YearlyKos2006" (the preferred tag for Flickr, which doesn't allow spaces in tags) or "YearlyKos 2006" (the preferred tag for dKos diaries). If we all follow this tagging convention, in the future we'll be able to easily find the pix for "YearlyKos2007" and "YearlyKos2525" and so on.


As of Tue 6/12/2006 there are more than 400 photos at Flickr. If you post your pix there, please use these tags:

  • YearlyKos2006 means pix that have to do with YearlyKos from 2006.
  • YearlyKos means pix that have to do with YearlyKos from any year Right now, this is the most frequently-used tag for YK photos at Flickr, so if you want to see the most pix it's the link to follow.
  • DailyKos means pix that have to do with dKos.

dKos diaries

ilona suggests that diaries should use YearlyKos 2006 Photos tag and she's right. So please use that tag. Note the space before the 2 and the P, but no space before the Y.

Other sites

  • At [1]: Misc. YearlyKos photos of the speakers and comedians (06/18/2006 19:44:09 PDT)
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