Wrong war at the wrong time

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As the bad news from Iraq continues to flow back to the USA, we need to keep reminding people that this war was optional. It was Bush's decision to do it. His administration chose to use false pretexts for invading. Our losses--the blood of our children, the blood of innocent Iraqis, and our destroyed international prestige--are all, each and every one, attributible to George W. Bush's failed leadership.


The concept may have originated with this pre-war report by Gene Healy of the Cato Institute ([1]). Wesley Clark adopted the theme in his stump speech during his short-lived candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination ([2]), giving it considerable credibility due to his military and international policy gravitas.

Talking Points

The Iraq war was unecessary.

Clinton's policy of containment and inspections has been proven to have worked.

Invading Iraq diverted resources and troops from Afghanistan - where the real war against al Queda was occuring.

The war in Iraq has caused a rise in al Queda's enlistment - making us less safe

To defeat terrorism requires by definition international cooperation. Bush's policies have alienated our friends and harmed our ability to get their assistance.




Not sure what's meant here - but I keep thinking of the name George W. Bush, with the middle initial flashing "Wrong War", then "Wrong Time", ending with "Wrongheaded Leadership."

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