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Salesman: "Hi! Welcome to John Robert's used car emporium! Here's the only car I offer, take a look!"

America: What model is it?"

John Roberts: "I'm not telling".

America: "How old is it?"

John Roberts: "I'm not telling"

America: "What's the mileage?"

John Roberts: "I'm not telling"

Would you buy that car? No? So how can anyone support John Roberts for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, considering he refused to answer questions sixty (60) times on one day alone? If Roberts was a salesman, you would not put your money in his hands. So how can anyone place their priceless freedoms, as well as those of your children for decades into the future, in his hands?

What does he have to hide? The only reason that Roberts wouldn't want America to know his agenda is because it's different from the values of the American people.

Just one example from what we do know: in Saudi Arabia v Nelson (1993) Roberts signed a brief arguing that Americans who were tortured and imprisoned by Saudi Arabia could not sue.

That's right: when choosing between Saudi Arabian torturers and American Citizens, John Roberts sided with the Saudi Arabian torturers.

I urge everyone to call and mail their representatives and remind them that we do not want an ultra-secretive, radical, Saudi-Arabian-torture supporter to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for decades into the future.

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