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w.t.a. logo
w.t.a. logo

The world trolling anarchization is a possibly-apocryphal troll organization which has a confusing set of seemingly contradictory objectives:

  • The abandonment of domain names as property and the adjudication of what appears where on the net by some more anarchized or at least democratic means - see democratize DNS for the sane versions of this kind of proposal
  • Takeovers of large public wikis by furious unremittant trolling in order to make them more troll-friendly, i.e. suitable for future takeovers from newcomers whose New Troll point of view is deemed superior to present power holders
  • The promotion of cold fusion research, seemingly for "nuclear-powered trawlers and chain saws", for which they demand huge tax writeoffs in line with policy for other destructive technologies, weapons and ecological destro-tech
  • The standardization of the trollish language, which includes verbs like anarchize, patroll, controll, newtrollize and interprets the verb "to troll" in a remarkably broad way to include basically any dissent, complaint, unpopular proposal or political expression at all
  • The right of anonymous trolls to say whatever they want without being identified, which they bolster by making high-value contributions to wikis along with their propaganda.
  • The use of their absurd logo on all large public wikis that agree with them, which is quite possibly their most odious demand, given how truly ugly it is.
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