Wisconsin State Senate elections, 2006

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From THE LEGISLATIVE PROCESS IN WISCONSIN by Richard L. Roe, Pamela J. Kahler, Robin N. Kite, Robert P. Nelson Legislative Reference Bureau

"The Wisconsin Legislature is a bicameral (2-house) body consisting of a 33 member senate and a 99-member assembly. Each senate district is made up of 3 assembly districts. Senators serve 4-year terms and representatives to the assembly serve 2-year terms. The 16 senators who represent even-numbered districts are elected in the fall of presidential election years; the 17 from oddnumbered districts are elected in gubernatorial election years. A new legislature is sworn into office in January of each odd-numbered year to meet for a 2-year period called a “biennium”. For example, the legislature sworn in on Monday, January 4, 1993, will continue in existence until noon on Tuesday, January 3, 1995. It is referred to as the 1993 Legislature. During the biennium, the legislature is in continuous session with a schedule of alternating floorperiods and committee work periods. The session schedule, which sets the dates for these, is adopted by joint resolution of both houses at the beginning of the session. The schedule also sets the final date for delivery of enacted bills to the governor."

District 1

District 3

District 5

District 7

District 9

District 11

District 13

District 15

District 17

District 19

District 21

District 23

District 25

District 27

District 29

District 31

District 33

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