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WikiLeaks is a site originally fashioned after Wikipedia to be an encyclopedia of open government and complete, transparent disclosure. At present, to avoid endangering people in the field such as CIA operatives, it operates more like a news reporting agency providing anonymity for, mostly, government whistle blowers, but editing out specific names when they are viewed as non-essential to the leak. It continues to use the wiki structure, but is privately updated as opposed to allowing anyone to edit it.


Where are the Leaks

Because it's dealing with attempted censorship (site blocking[1]) and destruction of its documents (attempts to locate a single stored archive and delete), WikiLeaks has gone to a mirror structure and uses multiple site names.


Other WikiLeaks

For reasons that seem to be related to disagreements about the best approach among WikiLeaks founding members, at least one new site, OpenLeaks, has split off from it. It's stated intent is nearly identical with the exception that it wants to take a safer approach to leaking items (one considered clearly legal and not viewed as a military threat so as to avoid WikiLeaks ongoing problems with keeping sites and legal/government attacks).

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