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The doctrine of White Supremacy takes many forms, but all agree that humanity is divided into races, and that the White race is inherently superior to all others. Most adherents believe that the White race rules the world by Divine Fiat, and that it is White Christians who are the pinnacle of Creation.


In many cases, the theory is that Whites are the pinnacle of a supposed Aryan race that includes all of those descended from the original speakers of the Proto-Indo-European language that is the ancestor of the Indo-Iranian/Indo-Aryan/Indo-European language group, which contains many languages of India, Persia (Iran), Greece, Rome, most of the rest of Europe, plus Russia. All other races, especially Semites (linguistically speakers of Hebrew and Arabic, primarily, but in practice just Jews) are genetically inferior, this alleged inferiority showing up in inborn deficits in intelligence and morality. Many adherents regard most ethnic Aryans as non-white, and not "real" Aryans. The theory then justifies rule over the inferior races, and in many cases abuse, slavery, murder, and even genocide. White Supremacists usually believe in Conspiracy Theories about Jews and others planning to take over the world, or already having done so in secret. White Supremacists also tend to be virulent ultra-nationalists, as in the case of German Nazis.

In fact, this race theory is a fantasy, a made-up excuse, as is the corresponding Black Supremacy theory held by a much smaller population. These people hate whom they hate, regardless of language or ethnicity, and the race theory is a code for that hatred, which has quite other roots.

  • White Supremacists treat the Romani (Gypsies) as non-Aryan, even though they are of Indian descent and speak a language related to Sanskrit, Hindi, and Punjabi. This appears to be because the Romani (like traditional Jews in the Diaspora) had no nation, and regarded themselves as racially and culturally superior to gaja (non-Romani).
  • Greeks, Italians, Spaniards, Celts, and Slavs have often been regarded as non-White.
  • Because of the historical anti-Semitism in many Muslim countries, some White Supremacists regard Arabs as non-Semitic, even though Arabic is unquestionably a Semitic language, while aggressively Christian White Supremacists regard all Muslims, Arab or not, as racially inferior, including Iranian ethnic Aryans. Of course, many are not aware that most Muslims are not Arabs, a fact that would, of course, make no difference to them.
  • The Japanese were officially Aryans according to Nazi Germany.

Some Creationist White Supremacists, particularly in the American South, deny that all humans are descended from Black Africans, preferring the theory that Africans are descended from Noah's son Ham, and that they are Black and inferior because of a curse that God put on Ham. This is usually stated in racist code as humans not being descendants of monkeys.


It is impossible to trace race theories to their roots in pre-history. Certainly the self-proclaimed Aryan (Noble) conquerors of India considered themselves racially superior to the Dravidian speakers whom they put at the bottom of their Hindu caste system, but where they got the idea before their arrival in India nobody can say. The caste system persists to this day, of course. On the other hand, racism is a common tribal idea, also visible in almost all ancient and modern empires in the relation of the conquerors to their subjects.

We can do better on the question why people are attracted to White Supremacist ideology. It was common among slave owners as a justification of their "Peculiar Institution", with Biblical support from the Southern Baptist Churches and others. It appeals to those who feel put upon by a larger society, including the self-proclaimed Southern Aristocracy, whose property was "stolen" by the Emancipation Proclamation, the War of Northern Aggression, and by Constitutional Amendment at a time during Reconstruction when their states did not have the legal right to vote against it. It appeals to many who were of higher caste than slaves before the Civil War, or higher than free Blacks under Jim Crow laws until the Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education, the various Civil Rights Acts of the 1950s and '60s, and the Voting Rights Act. It is also common among European anti-Semites who have used Jews as scapegoats for a thousand years, ever since the Crusades and the medieval plagues. Similarly, blue-blooded (white-skinned) Spaniards whose veins could be seen through their skin made such claims against darker-skinned Moors.

All White Supremacists show strong signs of desperate fear of actually being inferior, or of losing their social standing. In the United States, this fear shows itself in overt racism, including death threats against the President, and in Code Words such as calling the President a Socialist, a Nazi, the Antichrist, and on. The word hardly matters as long as it is sufficiently insulting, and can be seen to indicate the notion that Blacks are going to take over the entire US and exact revenge for centuries of slavery, segregation, torture, murder, rape, and other oppressions.

White Supremacist Groups

The Southern Poverty Law Center tracks hundreds of actually or potentially violent White Supremacist groups, mainly in the United States. White Supremacist chatter about assassinating President Barack Obama has increased greatly since the primary campaign season began in 2007. Various plots were broken up with arrests resulting in convictions during the main campaign season. The Secret Service says that it is getting four times the number of threats daily against Obama compared with his predecessor, George W. Bush.

White Supremacy overlaps with many other forms of group hatred. The record-breaking 926 hate organizations listed by SPLC in 2008 included 186 separate Ku Klux Klan groups, 196 neo-nazi, 111 white nationalist, 98 racist skinhead, 39 Christian identity, 93 neo-confederate, 113 black separatist, and 90 general hate groups subdivided into anti-gay, anti-immigrant, Holocaust denial, racist music, radical traditionalist Catholic groups, and others espousing a variety of hateful doctrines.

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