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Walter Frederick Mondale
Vice President
Image:Walter Mondale.jpg
Party Democratic-Farmer-Labor

January 20, 1977 — January 20, 1981
Preceded by Nelson Rockefeller
Succeeded by George H.W. Bush
Birthdate January 5, 1928

Walter Frederick Mondale (January 5, 1928-) was Vice President of the United States of America from 1977 to 1981 under Jimmy Carter, a U.S. Senator from Minnesota, and the Democratic nominee for president in 1984.

Early Life

Walter Mondale was born in 1928 in Ceylon, Minnesota. His father was a Methodist minister. Mondale graduated from the University of Minnesota and from the University of Minnesota Law School. He practiced law in Minnesota until his appointment as Attorney General of the state in 1960. Mondale married Joan Adams in 1955 and they have three children, Theodore, Elanor, and William.

Political Life

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