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Wally Herger is the Republican Representative for the 2nd Congressional District of California. The district is in northern California. Born in 1945 in Yuba City, California, Herger is married and has 8 children. He is not very well educated for a Member of Congress, having only attended California State University, Sacramento during the 1968-1969 academic year.

In November 2006, Herger was reelected to his 11th term. A member of the powerful (taxation legislation writing) Committee on Ways and Means, Herger serves on its Subcommittee on Trade and Chairs its Subcommittee on Human Resources. The Subcommittee on Human Resources is responsible for the public assistance provisions of the Social Security Act, including federal cash welfare, child care, child protection, child support enforcement, disability, and unemployment insurance programs.

Herger voted against the environment on five recent important legialative roll call votes: Energy (House R.C. 132); Artic Refuge (House R.C. 666); Environmental Funding (House R.C. 88); Coastal Protection (House R.C. 192) and Fuel Efficiency (House R.C. 121).

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