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The Contest

This vote is to determine the official dkosopedia term for what could practically be called... oh well, that's the question isn't it. The strategy is the strategy espoused by Chris Bowers repeatedly in his advice that the DCCC be pressured to run candidates in every federal congressional district. It's also the strategy of the DKos dozen... while they were chosen as long odds cases, and all lost, the strategy involves fielding campaigns even on Republican home turf. Different title candidates appear and can be added to the Candidate Section.

How Voting Works

Template:How To Vote

Candidate Submission Rules

Mimik the format of candidates seen below.

Candidates naturally tend to reflect different aspects of the idea, and no doubt people can use whatever they prefer, but the absolute winner here is the official dkosopedia name or term for the strategy. Happy democratizing.


Voting Template

  • proposed by Pyrrho 17:55, 29 Jan 2005 (PST)
    • comments:
      • There is an important document tree being built around oter fraud & intimidation, This infgormation needs a clearing house before the election to help the news stories be written theat will defend us from election stealing.
    • voting:
      • "against" - Pyrrho 17:55, 29 Jan 2005 (PST)
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