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This is where people stored videos before youtube.


The war on Terror

  • Hijacking Catastrophe clips:
  • Republican National Convention 2004 - Selling terror: Video (Quicktime), dead link
  • Bombing of unarmed civilians in Iraq - 'Oh Dude' video, taken April 2004 inside the cockpit of a US F-16 fighter:
  • The PNAC award winning short film: Video (Quicktime)


George Bush then vs Now :
Bush and the Odd Sync :
Let me finish! (1st debate) :
George flips out in 2nd debate :
CBC (Canadian) documentary on Dick Cheney :
Bush message to Iraqi Survey Group in Iraq :
Bush: "not concerned about" Bin Ladin:
Cheney checks out Cate Edwards ass:
CBC: The World According to Bush (2 hours): Anti Administration PSA The White House. A Ringtone. No Answer. (2 min) -or-

Minor Politicians

  • "Renzi-Harris": Republican Representatives Rick Renzi (AZ-01) and Katherine Harris (FL-13) hugely flirt in the background during a speech.
    T: 2:11, Au: thecanoodle, W: dKos, BT: dKos: renzi-harris1.mpg (27.5 M), Dl: renziharris-sm.wmv (3.8 M) eviltechmonkey, thecanoodle.

Swift boat attack adverts

Nightline on John O'Neil :

The 2004 Candidates

  • Frontline - Choice 2004. PBS site, Torrent
  • Going Upriver, film about Kerry's swiftboat experiences Web site, Torrent
  • Stolen Honor, film by Carlton Sherwood, critical of Kerry, the heart of conflict between Kossacks and Sinclair Broadcasting Torrent link

2004 Interesting Adverts

John Stewart on Crossfire: not their monkey
or ..

Triumph the Insult Comic dog

Late Night with Conan O'Brien's puppet comic interviews spinmeisters in "Spin Alley" after the third Bush-Kerry debate. Titled "Poop Valhalla," it is widely acclaimed as "hilarious."

The O'Sexxxy Factor

Montage of O'Reilly leering about sex. Video montage after the report that O'Reilly was being sued by Andrea Mackris, FOX News producer, for sexual harrassment.


F911 torrent, Debate torrents, "Outfoxed" torrents


Interesting Interviews

  • Seymour Hersh - investigative journalist for the New Yorker talks frankly about the disaster in Iraq, at UC Berkeley and on reporting on Bush and Abu Ghraib. (11 October 2004) [1]

Congressional video

  • Renzi and Harris - As Rep. Rob Simmons talks about Iran's WMD program on C-SPAN, Reps Rick Renzi (AZ-01) and Katherine Harris (FL-13) cuddle in the background. TheCanoodle web site | Torrent

Music Videos

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