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The Utah State Legislature is bicameral and is made up of a senate and a house of representatives. The 29 members of the senate are elected to 4-year terms, and the 75 members of the house are elected to 2-year terms. Each Senator represents approximately 60,000 people. Each Representative represents approximately 22,971 people. In the 2005 Utah legislature, the senate has 22 republicans and 7 democrats, while the house has 56 republicans and 19 democrats.

Election 2004: Republican incumbents won 11 of 12 bids for reelection. The notable exception was Senate District 1, where Democrat Fred J Fife defeated James Evans 48.73%-46.46%. The only Democratic Incumbent to face re-election won. Two Republican Seats were open, and the Republicans held on to those seats. The Senate will now be 21-8 in favor of the Republicans.

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