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page name issues

Hi, you're doing great work, but you've been editing pages that have some dKosopedia:page name issues without renaming them. Please review dKosopedia:page name issue and comment. If you don't agree, say so. If you do agree, please implement the name changes next time you edit the page, or be ready to watch the pages move around possibly breaking some links. It's impossible to ask others to track shifting page names, so it's critical to follow conventions.

Specifically, we need conventions for things like Pennsylvania: Running for Office so it's the same for all states. As an example of why that name is very very bad, I had to edit this page again just to change the "For" to "for" since you are using the very bad AP standard not the very good Reuters standard for titling.

It's messy. One suggestion is to have a do:namespace with things like do:run for office, specialized per state, as in PA_do:run for office. Then everything "you can do" is in a predictable part of the namespace and doesn't get mixed up with static stuff as it could in a namespace for the state only. Also categories might help us keep straight what is pure instructional capital (how to do things), versus what is past news or history. To have state-by-state namespaces seems wrong. If we do, they should use standard abbreviations.

Also see The dKosopedia Category Project and FrameShop for background on some of the more sophisticated issues in political wikis and namespace conventions needed for these.

And see Talk:Main Page for issues arising from pages that are linked from Main Page.Anonymous troll 10:21, 23 May 2006 (PDT)

platform for PGH

Regarding your wiki-based municipal project, you might want to know about other such projects in midsize cities recently, for instance [ Imagine Halifax] which came up with this neat little list of nicely keyworded municipal initiatives, each of which had about a page worth of policy agreed under it. Also you might be interested in the live outreach efforts of more official projects like (which had a lot more money, obviously). It would be really really good to have a list of all wiki platform projects, including stuff all over the English-speaking world. Maybe throw in things like and larger projects like Green Party of Canada Living Platform.

It's probably the most important thing there is to do with wiki, build consensus on policy. Anonymous troll

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