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--DRolfe 14:38, 6 Aug 2005 (PDT) - Oh, I got a little tip from Jeff to work on the 'policies and guidelines' article. I'm working on a draft, outline in my user-page and would be interested in any feedback you've got. Also "hahaha" to that comment about using such as a pronoun :-D

  • DRolfe 04:44, 7 Aug 2005 (PDT)- OK, I've made some tweaks. Thanks for checking it out.

--DRolfe 02:52, 27 Jul 2005 (PDT) - I think we might be birds of a feather. :-) Nice work at copyright. I made some tweaks. Also, congrats on below, I saw it in the sysop log.

Archive Ohwilleke Talk

  • DRolfe - Rationale for moving the page -- If you keep it in the user talk: namespace it doesn't come up in full text searches of the database by default.

Just found this encyclopedia

I have been trying to edit "tort reform" on WIkipedia, which was/is simply overwhelming. It had been a right wing rant. We still need help on the Wikipedia article, since it is seen by so many people. Wikipedia is widely read and quoted verbatim by online sources like "".

I also completely revamped the "Asbestos and the Law" on Wikipedia which had also been a right wing rant. One 'admin' had written that he thought there should be more balance about the 'controversy' of the dangers of asbestos. Controversy? Not in 50 years. So I wrote about the medical issues, regulation, civil litigation and criminal prosecution (eg WR Grace). That is a particularly important issue to me, because my father died of mesothelioma. Leo54 15:32, 16 June 2006 (PDT)

Please follow conventions

Hi, History of Energy is a bad page name because it doesn't conserve capitals. Next time you edit a page with a name like that, could you fix it please? - egmod

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