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You're doing great work, but unfortunately overuse of capital letters is a serious problem on wikis. Until dKosopedia:naming conventions are fully sorted out, please conserve capitals for where they are really needed (proper names including those of acts and amendments, acronyms). For instance Defense of Marriage Act is a specific piece of legislation, but the term:defense of marriage is represented as being a generic by some. It's important to make clear that its the use as a generic that you're really after. Also, raising bad concepts like "term:pro-life" to some kind of real-proper-name-like status by calling it "Pro-Life" is a serious mistake, it actually makes the opponents point look real. See dKosopedia:page name issues for more specific problems of this sort. Section titles also should be capitalized according to Reuters conventions, which are far more compatible with wiki than the mess AP uses.

Among other problems, casual linking of correct concepts is made more difficult if page names have bogus uppercase in them that would not appear in an ordinary English sentence. If I want to write a sentence that casually uses good phrases on the list of policy terms, I should not have to use anchor text to do that. That is, it should be very easy to write things like:

  • The paternal values invoked in ignorance assurance activities, wrongly presented as a substitute for genuine sex education, are the same as those of the anti-gay marriage judges who deny even visitation rights to dying spouses of homosexuals. The antiquated values, or at best parochial values, that lead to unintended forced pregnancy serves only two purpose: the creation of legions of unwanted children fit to terrorize streets with easily available weapons - thus justifying harsh measures against the poor and expansion of the prison-industrial complex, and the recruiting of these emotionally and physically brutalized teens into the military to go brutalize other peoples.

And if someone wants to use the phrase "defense of marriage" they have to write something like [[term:defense of marriage|defense of marriage]] which will really cut down on such abusive terms!

Gotta start with us and what we write here. Anonymous troll 14:11, 29 May 2006 (PDT)

Your review of reframe requested. Are these four levels of depth in analysis all there are? They come from triple loop learning ideas. Anonymous troll