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2005/9/6: Anonymous trolls spent about two and a half hours on Hurricane Katrina stuff, just so it's in good shape to expand drastically to cause some people in DC to be fired. The structures used are very robust for debating very contentious issues.

2005/9/7: Another hour plus a prior half hour on research, on all this big wave stuff

11/23: Thanks for your corrections to Hawaii topics! Appreciate it.

2006/4/18: Anonymous trolls trying to get a neutral list of policy terms established so it's not all FrameShop and Kossary MemeTank combat. Gotta have some foundation.

Anonymous troll, welcome back. -- Centerfielder 19:07, 18 April 2006 (PDT)

2006/4/19: Wanna get every state as well documented as Hawaii and Hawaii issues are

2006/5/22: Talk:Main Page and a long list of dKosopedia:page name issues to work out, and the role of main namespace in the FrameShop process (replaced by reframe:namespace?)

6/5/23: claim:namespace and reframe:namespace now populated with two examples of each

6/5/29: dealing with names and terms, notably the term:list and dKosopedia:naming including some terms and concepts inherited from software; also getting interested in the US Democratic Party point of view and field research on Republicans to clarify what is really different between them

6/6/6: busy worshipping Satan (campaigning for Bush)

6/6/7: cleaned up more stuff on term:list especially term:terrorism, and since it's lately in the news for this, also cleaned up Canada

6/9/23: reframe:democracy and more dkosopedia:naming problems, notably the persistent idiocy in timeline naming

page naming

Hi there.

I'm not actually creating the pages, and I don't have the ability to rename pages. Wish I did. Chadlupkes 16:24, 28 August 2006 (PDT)

You can create a new page with the correct name, move the content, and leave a redirect under the old name. And didn't you get sysop powers recently? That lets you rename in one action.
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