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Well, you already know that I sometimes consider myself clever (if you know your American history). You may also have deduced that for now i want a pseudonym here.


At this point i'm getting a feel for dKosopedia (KP?) using Special:Randompage, and introducing myself to you in the course of editing what I come across that wants editing.

That's what I was doing, even with my edits of the Sandbox (whoops, NTBCW Sandbox): that is where I went to be sure I had done what I intended in putting Iks]][[User talk:Ikswazi af Fahr|(TkPg) in the "Your nickname (for signatures):" pane on Special:Preferences. It worked right, which is why my typing


now produces

--Iks(TkPg) 11:57, 1 Jun 2004 (PDT)

Let me know (see below) whether my attempts at "helpful hints for new editors" are:

  • helpful
  • annoying
  • arrogant

and you'll be helping me tune up my approach to this place, which I expect will become a valuable resource for our political work.

Oh, and if you've found the dKosopedia:Village pump, or something that serves the same purpose .. dKosopedia:Town green

Don't edit this page in order to leave a message for me. If you go to my talk page, while you're logged in, you'll get a reply, and the means by which you know I've replied will tell you why I want my messages left there rather than here.

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