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Dvd Avins is a long-time Democratic activist from South Brunswick Township, New Jersey. He has moved in and out of the stae in recent years, and is no longer active in local politics, but has served as South Brunswick Democratic Chair (1986, 1993-94) and President of the Middlesex County Young Democrats (1985-86?) in the past.

He has also been active in advocacy groups concerning a variety of sexual minorities, including serving on the Legislative Committee of the New Jersey Lesbian and Gay Coalition and President of New Jersey Voters for Civil Liberties in the erly 1990s. While living in the Washington DC area in the late 1980s, he worked for SANE/Freeze (now Peace Action) and USPIRG.

After working from age 12 through 33 as a sometimes-paid political activist and from age 34 through 43 as a computer programmer, he is now high school math teacher at an inner-city, alternative-eduaction school for students who have been explled from there original high schools. He may be reached at dvdavins AT pobox DOT com.

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