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Ad created by USA Next.

USA Next is a political organization; it is the same thing as the United Seniors Association which was created in 1991 by Richard Viguerie. They have been promoting the George W. Bush Administration plan to replace a large part of the Social Security program with individual stock market accounts. Its funding connections are described here. It has spend on the order of $10 million on anti-Social Security ads which try to link Bush plan opponent American Association of Retired Persons (the AARP), one of the largest and most credible non-profits in the country, to gay marriage and anti-war efforts so as to reduce their credibility.

A USA Next advertisement featured a picture of a gay couple getting married. They did so without the consent of the couple. One member of the couple is a Daily Kos poster. The couple brought suit against USA Next as a result of its use of the picture in their advertisement without their consent and has won a temporary restraining order halting the distribution of the advertisement and showing that the judge believes that is a strong likelihood of success on the merits in the case.



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