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Flagship branch of the University of California system; frequently considered one of the best, if not the best, public school in the country; also known as a hotbed of proud liberalism, and one of the centers of activity during the 1960's anti-war/Counterculture movement.

Famous Graduates

  • Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense under Pres. Kennedy and Johnson
  • Jennifer Granholm, current Democratic governor of Michigan

Key Faculty

  • John C. Yoo, Professor of Law. Principal author of Bush administration Torture Memos).
  • Brad DeLong, Professor of Economics. Former Deputy Treasury Secretary (under President Clinton), and blogger (see his blog here).
  • George Lakoff, Professor of Linguistics. Fellow at Rockridge Institute. Area of expertise is the framing of social issues. Click here for his biography page and links to papers at the Rockridge Institute.
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