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The U.S. Presidential election in 2000 had as its principal candidates, George W. Bush, then Governor of Texas, Al Gore, then Vice President under President Bill Clinton, and Ralph Nader, a long time consumer activist. The results of the election hinged on Florida's electoral votes. Florida's conduct of the Presidential election was marred by controversy. Preliminary counts showed a roughly 500 vote for George W. Bush. The results were challenged by Al Gore in court and the Florida Supreme Court ordered a partial recount. The U.S. Supreme Court intervened in the case Bush v. Gore (see Key Court Decisions)and ruled 5-4 on conservative-liberal lines that there should not be a recount thereby throwing the election to George W. Bush. Newspaper analysis of the facts showed that it was likely that a recount would have lead to the election of Al Gore rather than George W. Bush.

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