U.S. gubernatorial elections, 2007

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Three incumbent governors will stand for reelection in 2007.

Kentucky's Ernie Fletcher has been indicted on a variety of criminal charges, and he has been repudiated by every senior Republican in his state; nevertheless, he managed to win his primary.

In Louisiana, Kathleen Blanco lost support after Hurricane Katrina, and decided not to run for reelection.

In neighboring Mississippi, Haley Barbour is still popular.


State Incumbent Party 2003 Results Status Announced Candidates
Kentucky Ernie Fletcher Republican -55% Running for 2nd Term Steve Beshear (D)

Ernie Fletcher (R)

Louisiana Kathleen Blanco Democratic 52% Retiring after 1st Term Bobby Jindal (R)

Walter Boasso (D)
Raymond Brown (D)
Foster Campbell (D)
Hardy Parkerson (D)
John Georges (R)
T. Lee Horne, III (L)
Anthony Gentile (I)

Mississippi Haley Barbour Republican 52.59% Running for 2nd Term Haley Barbour (R)

Frederick Jones (R)
William Compton (D)
John Eaves (D)
Elmer Fondren (D)
Fred Smith (D)

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