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Tzipi Livni or Tzipora (Tzipi) Livni ציפי לבני is the current Israeli Foreign Minister and reportedly the second most powerful politican in Israel.


Political Ideology

Ethnic Cleansing

In her September 20, 2006 speech to the United Nations Livni asserted that Palestinians had no right to return to their homeland. Source: n.a. "Livni Rejects Palestinian Right to Return." Aljazeera. September 21, 2006.

Triumph of the Resolve

In an April 19, 2007 meeting with U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Isreali PM Ehud Olmert, Livni offered an oddly familiar comment on the power of will in foreign affairs: "The free world is tested by the countries under threat from Iran, especially its Arab and Muslim neighbors. Every hesitation is interpreted as weakness and is liable to lead to an effort to appease Iran. Only the world's resolve can preserve the 'moderate camp.'" Source: n.a. "Gates Placates Israel on US's Planned Arms Sale to Saudis." The Jerusalem Post. April 19, 2007. News Report


Livni is a serious political threat to the current Israeli PM Ehud Olmert for the affection of Kadima Party voters. In a Dahak Insttiute poll of 345 Kadima voters, Livni scored well ahead of all orther choices, including Olmert.

Tzipi Livni: 49.3%
Shaul Mofaz: 14.5%
"None of the above": 11.6%
Undecided 10.1%: undecided
Ehud Olmert: 8.7%
Meir Sheetrit 5.8%


Livni was born in Tel Aviv on July 5, 1958.


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