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Troopergate is the right-wing name of a scandal which came into popular use, involving the false allegations by two Arkansas state troopers that they arranged sexual liaisons for then-governor Bill Clinton. The allegations by state troopers Larry Patterson and Roger Perry were first reported by David Brock in The American Spectator in 1993. The story mentioned a woman named "Paula". This reference was cited by Paula Jones in her sexual harassment lawsuit against the President, which was eventually settled for $850,000.

In 1998, a conservative fundraiser admitted that he had paid the troopers $6,700 each after the articles were published. Following this admission, reporter David Brock publicly apologized to President Clinton for his "Troopergate" story, which he stated was written not "in the interest of good government or serious journalism," but as part of an "anti-Clinton crusade". [1]

In March 2005, trooper Patterson was convicted of lying to the FBI about an unrelated incident. [2]

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