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Tony Snow AKA "the mouth of Sauron" was Bush's spokesperson until he was stricken with cancer, of which he died in 2008.

In a ironic twist of fate Snow's only pension came from a labor union. [1]


  • To a Reporter in the White house: "Thank You For The Hezbollah View”[2]
  • "I'm not going to hug that tar baby"
  • "I want to address kind of a rumor, an urban legend that's going around--and it comes from language in the President's Wednesday night address to the nation, that in talking about Iran and Syria, that he was trying to prepare the way for war with either country and that there are war preparations underway: There are not. What the President was talking about is defending American forces within Iraq and also doing what we can to disrupt networks that might be trying to convey weapons or fighters into battle theaters within Iraq to kill Americans and Iraqis. As regards Iran, the United States is using diplomatic measures right now to address concerns--including Iran's nuclear program. We've been working with the United Nations Security Council, recently got a chapter seven resolution. So this is something that is very important to push back, because I know there's been a lot of speculation about it. Let me just try to put that to rest once and for all." January 12, 2007 Transcript of the White House Press Conference.

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