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Tom Feeney is the Republican Representative from the 24th district of Florida. He was first elected to Congress in 2002. He was also a member of the Florida state house of representatives from 1990-1994 and from 1996-2002.


Position on Warrantless Eavesdropping

Feeney voiced a mousey note of libertarian disapproval about the second Bush administration's widespread unconstitutional electronic surveillance of Americans in the United States, commenting that it would appropriate for the adminsitration, to the extent that it does not compromise ongoing investigations, to outline to the extent of the surveillance to the American public." Source: Toni Coleman. "Florida Lawmakers Weigh in on Domestic Spying." Associated Press. December 21, 2005.

Golfing with Jack Abramoff

"The FBI has asked U.S. Rep. Tom Feeney for information about his dealings with Jack Abramoff as part of its ongoing investigation into the lobbyist convicted of defrauding clients." (Source: Rep Tom Feeney (R-FL) Latest Target of Abramoff Investigation). Feeney was one of 3 GOP congressmen to travel with convicted former lobbyist Jack Abramoff on a golf trip to Scotland; the other two were Bob Ney and Tom DeLay.

Fun Facts about Tom Feeney

  • Former speaker of the Florida House.
  • As speaker, he wanted to pick 25 Bush electors no matter what the results were. Fortunately for Feeney, his attempt to steal the election was upstaged by the Supreme Court's Bush v. Gore decision. Feeney also created a Congressional district for himself.
  • As a congressman, Feeney wants to withdraw the United States from the United Nations.
  • Feeney said that SCHIP stands for Socialized, Cuba-style, Healthcare for Illegals and their Parents. ([1])

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