The Sustainable Energy Economic Prosperity Act

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Act XIII of Energize America



To provide strong federal government leadership in the long-term development of sustainable economic prosperity by establishing a Sustainable Development Agency to coordinate, evaluate, and promote activities related to achieving enduring energy-related prosperity for all Americans.


The Department of Energy will establish a Sustainable Development Agency (SDA), modeled after the United Kingdom’s Sustainable Development Commission, which will help place sustainable development at the core of government policy. To achieve this, the SDA will

  • Serve as a watchdog in the US government on sustainable development.
  • Produce evidence-based public reports on contentious environmental, social and economic issues
  • Draw on expert opinion to advise key policy-makers and stakeholders across government
  • Serve as a coordination body on federal government activities related to sustainable development – from energy efficiency to environmental policy to health care
  • group within a single agency all efforts currently deployed throughout the federal government, and help best practices emerge and become more widespread

The SDA will work on at least ten policy areas: energy, climate change, consumption, economics, education, energy, engagement, health, housing, regional & local government and transport. Most of the SDA’s staff and resources will come from restructuring existing government organizations to properly align functions and responsibilities. SDA staff will research and identify barriers to renewable prosperity that might exist in code, tax law, or otherwise. SDA will develop options for ameliorating these barriers. In bi-annual reports to Congress, the SDA will identify barriers to renewable prosperity and situations where Federal law, regulations, or tax code favors non-Sustainable Energy solutions over sustainable solutions and provide options for legislative remedy for these barriers.

Where the SDA has identified barriers that were regulatory and are changed within the Administration, these changes will be included in the biannual reporting requirements. On no less than an annual basis, the SDA will report on State/Local barriers to Sustainable Energy Economic Prosperity and, as well, identify State/Local advances that facilitate and foster Sustainable Energy Economic Prosperity. The SDA will work with all other agencies of the US government to promote Sustainable Energy Economic Prosperity as a core element in US government processes and functions. SDA will also work with all other US Government agencies to emphasize Sustainable Energy Economic Prosperity as a core element of US foreign aid packages to foster sustainable energy progress throughout the world.


The Sustainable Economic Prosperity Act, through formation of a Sustainable Development Agency, will provide a means to maintain sustainable energy related development – sustainable economic prosperity for all Americans – at the core of US government policy-making and governance.


The Sustainable Economic Prosperity Act will cost $250 million per year.

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