The Millionaire Death Tax / The Dynasty Tax

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To be an effective reframing you must have a purpose in mind and a the congnitive ground to build upon. The Millionaire's Death Tax is too long. It also doesn't pack a psycho-linguistic punch. It's still the Death Tax; tacking on a Millionare isn't helping.

Dynasty tax clearly outlines why the tax is there. Taxes with a purpose are less objectionable. It is meant to prevent Dynasty. People know that, resent the idea, the elitism implied. Such things should be taxed, and best of all, it doesn't apply to me unless I'm lucky enough to found a Dynasty. It has pop-culture associations that while generally positive also stir up feelings of inadequancy and envy. The show "Dynasty" in the Reagan 80s is perfectly positioned to denote the greed and priviledge which the estate tax combats.

Every time the estate tax is mentioned by a Democrat it should be 'Dynasty Tax" and the GOP is trying to defend the repeal of the Dynasty Tax because they represent only Dynasties. The Dynasty tax can cut in at 7-10 million dollar estates with exceptions for proven family business and farm assets which would allow generation skipping or upon dissolution payment of the Dynasty Tax.

If anyone wants to organize this and submit rebuttals, please do.

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