The Federal Net Metering Act

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Act X of Energize America



1) To provide a consistent and effective format for interconnecting excessive residential and business-generated renewable power to the electric grid and, 2) to help simplify the process and accelerate the benefits of participating in the 20 Million Solar Roof Act.


Programs that allow homes which generate renewable energies to sell excess power back to energy companies during times of high generation exist in 39 states; however each state’s laws are different - in component requirements, in service territory definition, and in terms of cogeneration size limits. Current net metering laws are based on two different federal standards, and since the majority of states now implement interconnection standards, it is critical for the federal government to create national standards and consistent policies for grid interconnection.

The Federal Net Metering Act will provide standard national regulations to govern grid interconnection. This Act will help consumers to generate 5% of American electrical energy by 2020.


The Federal Net Metering Act will greatly simplify the process of connecting home and business-based renewable energy sources to the nation’s electric grid. This Act will spur industry investment, streamline system installations, reduce consumers’ electricity costs, and increase grid reliability and performance.


The Federal Net Metering Act will have a purely regulatory cost, covered under Act XV.

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