Texas gubernatorial election, 2006

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Major contenders in the run for Texas governor:

  • Republicans
    • Rick Perry (R) (Rick Perry for Governor cw) present republican governor. recieved 84.20% of the vote in the republican primary.
      • Larry Kilgore (R) Recieved 7.58% of the vote in the republican primary.
      • Rhett R. Smith (R) Recieved 4.63% of the vote in the republican primary.
      • Star Locke (R) Recieved 3.58% of the vote in the republican primary.
  • Democrats
    • Chris Bell (D) (cw)a former congressman, former Houston City Councilman & Attorney. Recieved 63.65% of the vote in the democratic primary. (cw)
      • Bob Grammage (D) (http://www.gammageforgovernor.com/ cw]) a former Texas Supreme Court Justice, former Congressman, former State Senator. Recieved 28.63%% of the vote in the democratic primary.
      • Rashad Jafer (D) Recieved 7.72% of the vote in the democratic primary.
  • Independents
    • Carole Keeton Strayhorn (R => I) (cw), Texas state comptroller and the mother of White House spokesman Scott McClellan, is quitting the GOP run for governor as an Independent. Strayhorn is a former State Railroad Commissioner.
    • Kinky Friedman (I) (cw) country music singer. Campaign goal: "dewussification" of Texas.



Friedman is a populist wild-card who will definitely skew the election. Win or lose, he will bring people who don't normally vote to the polls (a la Jesse Ventura). The Friedman-effect will also similarly skew legislative and congressional races in the favor of Democrats. The Texas election returns will make for interesting reading.


Perry won with 39%, Bell got 30%, Strayhorn got 18%, and Friedman and the Libertarian candidate combined for 13%.

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