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This is the dKosopedia, a collaborative project of the Daily Kos community to build a political encyclopedia. The dKosopedia effort was started in April of 2004 and currently consists of 14,193 articles. See the Wikipedia or SourceWatch for similar examples of collaborative information resources using the MediaWiki software.

If you are unfamiliar with MediaWiki formatting, this is a very nice resource with which to begin; you may then want to start by playing in the sandbox before editing any pages. This is the place to discuss meta issues - namespaces, organization, etc. And this is the place for discussing dKosopedia advocacy - getting the word out and encouraging participation. </td> </tr>

Kossary <p> The Kossary is a political glossary, created to help explain terms and shorthand used in political discussion, from forms likely to be seen only online, like SCLM, to terms which might be found in print in political journalism, like chickenhawk. It is in fact is a Dictionary for Political Conversation, especially political conversation on blogs or for that matter specifically dailyKos. </td>


Documents - United States Constitution - Bill of Rights - Articles of Confederation <p>

Political Parties - Main Page - Democratic - <a h