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Terry Everett represents Alabama's Second District in the U.S. House. He is a Republican based out of Rehobeth (actually in Enterprise--Rehobeth is a region and not an actual city. Nevertheless, you will see Everett listed as R-Rehobeth). He was first elected in 1992, having defeated then State Treasurer George Wallace, Jr., son of the infamous former governor and presidential candidate. Everett is unopposed in his 2004 re-election bid. He serves on the Armed Services, Agriculture, and Veterans' Affairs Committees, as well as the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. He has district offices in Montgomery, although he also has regional offices in Dothan and Opp. This district also went Republican in the 1964 Goldwater sweep and has stayed Republican since then.

Sunni vs. Shiite

Everett, who is the vice chairman of the House intelligence subcommittee on technical and tactical intelligence, was asked whether he knew the difference between Sunnis and Shiites. He admitted that he didn't, asked for more information, and then he said "Now that you’ve explained it to me, what occurs to me is that it makes what we’re doing over there extremely difficult, not only in Iraq but that whole area.” (Source: "Can You Tell a Sunni From a Shiite?", by Jeff Stein, New York Times, October 17, 2006.)


Born: February 15, 1937; Dothan, Houston Co., Alabama
Education: public schools, Midland City, Alabama; attended Enterprise State Junior College

Career Highlights

  • United States Air Force, 1955-59
  • U.S. House of Representatives, 1993-present

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