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The term traditional values is one of a number of terms that mean different things to different people, and yet all of the people involved are likely to identify with and approve of the person who advocates "traditional values." The reason for its being so widely accepted is that each person who hears it is likely to interpret it as "my kind of values," "the values that were traditional in my family and my community." It is also very likely to be interpreted in terms of the values that are rejected by the hearer and his/her group. Frequently the term "traditional values" is intended to mean "a system in which negative values are attached to premarital sex, homosexuality, single-parent homes, abortion, birth control, etc., etc."

A core 'value' under the category of "traditional values" is that a Judeo-Christian, heterosexual marriage is required before any sex or the bearing of children. A corollary would be that an ideal family, with children, consists of both a mother and father.

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