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Everything in term:namespace should be visible on this term:list. Check what links to the term namespace explanation page once in a while to detect more of them, then add them below. Please note alongside if any have been reframed in the reframe:namespace. Do not include any term on the list of policy terms which have been cleared for proper usage.

terms imposed by technologist ideology, judgements or restrictions in software

terms the US mass media use which inherently support various oppressive policies

terms the Bush Administration uses, which are highly questionable

terms even the Bush Administration won't use, but it's supporters will

Please add every strange term you find or question. See term:Islamist and Talk:Islamist for a rather good example of how deep these analyses have to be. Not everything on the kossary needs analysis, only those terms that are used in the press in an attempt to pretend that they actually mean something real. A smear term used only by one side we simply need not bother with.

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