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This is an archive of dKos discussion related to Technology.


DailyKos Site Evolution

Technology Diaries

Good Software/Freeware Recommends

Research Tools

  • PowerReporting : Journalist Tools by CJR
  • Federal Workers Search : WaPo FOIA 2002 copy of Central Personnel Data File, with 1.8M civilian US government employees.
  • Electoral College Map : PBS, Flash, 1980 - 2004
  • FOI Letter Generator : The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press

FireFox Extensions

  • BBCode (dKos mod) : Easily format your comments and diary entries on Daily Kos
  • AdBlock : Ad Blocking
  • BugMeNot : Bypass news site registrations
  • Forecast Fox : Local Weather Reports (formatting)
  • RPXP : dKos blockquotes and member colors (Firefox 1.x only)
  • Web Developer Toolbar : DHTML swiss army knife
  • Large Repository of Extensions

Linux on a CD

Internet Hosting & Site Solutions

  • CivicSpace : CivicSpace Content Management System
  • Blog & Site Hosting : Free web hosting for Kos community (obsolete link)


  • free picasa picture software from google


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