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The Palm Beach Post announced the appointment of Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in a story on December 12, 2006. The story can be found here:

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Revisit the Intelligence Committees Joint Report on 9/11

I posted this comment on a [Diary:] reporting on Saudia's threat to aid the Sunnis in the Iraq Civil War if the US pulls out of Iraq:

During the debate on the Authorization of the Use of Military Force in Iraq, Senator Bob Graham, then Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence tried to warn his fellow Senators that attacking Iraq was attacking the wrong enemy. I believe he likened attacking Iraq for 9/11 was like attacking Italy after Pearl Harbor. It just didn't make any sense.

The Joint Intelligence Committee's Report on 9/11, co-chaired by Bob Graham and Porter Goss (yes that Porter Goss who is now CIA Director) was heavily redacted by the Bush administration before being released to the public. The entire section of the report dealing with Saudi Arabia was redacted.

What do you want to make about that? And BTW, those members on the Intelligence Committees who know the facts on this can not speak of it. Since the Bush Administration has classifed all of it, they are subject to criminal penalties and Senate and House sanctions if they do speak about the classified briefings.

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