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I'm Perplexed as to what constitutes terrorism.

With the recent reports of hate(ignorance)-motivated fear tactics against African-Americans, I am forced to revisit the definition of terrorism. Simply, one could say that any act that is intended to promote fear or terror could be called terrorism. It would most likely be a futile act to state the scientific facts revealed by the genetic code that clearly show how similiar WE ARE to one another. Or to remind the terrorists how African-Americans have contributed to America through inventions, music, culture and most importantly; fighting for their cause.

I instead would like to focus the attention of those Americans whom rely on terrorist acts against Americans, that they may get what they want.

If the intention by racist groups or individuals is to alienate races of color in America, this could cause the alienated to find a place to fit in. If America were invaded through subtle infiltration or by a large foreign army, would these same racist groups expect the African-Americans to take up arms to defend the country they feel no connection to.

At best, if we were attacked, those whom feel alienated or unwanted by this country would stand by and watch. At worst, they could be convinced by an invading force to join in the destruction of a country that terrorizes them. (Simply with the promise of inclusion and TRUE equality) And maybe, by placing nooses and exhibiting other irrational forms of hatred, the targets are being convinced by those whom terrorize them.

My point: What's the point? What exactly does an American terrorist want to accomplish? Simply terror? Do they want to return to white only resteraunts? I reiterate; what is it that racist groups want? An all white country? I honestly don't know. But I do know that there are consequences. Reactions to their actions. And sometimes there are unintended consequences OR, they may get exactly what they want. But does anyone think that THEN they would finally be happy? Do we want African-Americans to feel as though they don't belong, even though their contributions to Americas' status have played a significant role in how WE got here? (Imagine an America without the washing machine, elevator, railroad car connections, cotton gin, and hundreds of other inventions large and small) Without the contributions of Africans, free and enslaved, would the American Revolution have succeeded? What would America be like if Africans sat on the sidelines during the civil war? Is th