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When it comes to a domestic economy the issue is how far does a dollar stretch. people demand a new minimum wage every few years or so and that is generally complied with. But what I mean by a Dollar streatched is that the price will rise when there are that many more dollars in the economy. So what is the point you ask? The point is to stripmine the entire domestic field for as much as it can afford as long as they are still capable of paying. That is a profit margin so to speak. These are necessary for the banking industry to invest their money into assets that are necessary for the consumer. Trade is an issue with the port controversy and it is the bank that invests in the government that legally defends their right to give up our soverengty to protect the finance that pays for the govenment. If you think that redundant it is. Those of us that make enough to pay the bills should determine what color of collar to ware. Pink Blue or White as to where High finance decides to invest thus implementing the laws that ensure the need for such a service. I leave you with one queation! Why does it take an entire lifetime to buy a house then?

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