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We need a base of terms that are objectively defined to build visions on. Here they are. This is the opposite of the term:list which highlights BAD terms. This list is GOOD terms.

Don't worry too much about duplication and overlap, eventually it'll get settled out.

Procedure for improving this list:

  1. take a concept that you think is objectively real and find concepts close to it on the list
  2. do a google and Wikipedia search for the concept, link to that definition if possible
  3. if not, try political wikis like and and etc
  4. adapt the definition to US Democratic Party point of view (those sources aren't quite) but DO NOT CHANGE ITS NAME - keeping it the same is critical to swap information with these friendly open politics sources
  5. look around for attempts to talk about that concept, and make sure they link to the grounded name, not some made-up version of it that doesn't match the usage elsewhere in North America
  6. cross-link anywhere you can so that people find the conflicting or overlapping definitions.
  7. keep perverted terms that only confuse things on the term:list so someone can reframe them properly into this list

Any serious clash of terminology, go to the FrameTank process, which is more extensive but also usually worth it.

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